Thursday, February 28, 2008

And the sea shall run white with his rage!

I am not a blind adherent of the Organic movement. I'm sure I'll rant about this at some point (I can feel the thought rising, but it is not yet fully grown) but for now let me say that while I'm skeptical of a lot of the standards of Organics, I am a big fan of bovine products that come from Grass-Fed cows.

Now, I'm a foodie. I think about where my sustenance comes from. The problem with this is that we're smarter than we are rich. I'd LOVE to spend my days eating only grass-fed and organic meat products but we simply can't afford them. However, a few months ago we decided that there was one upgrade that we can afford.

Of all the things in our diet, Beenie and I love our milk. It's the beverage of choice in our house. When I was working in Appleton, I found a local dairy that offered milk in glass bottles. I picked some up on our lunch hour and WOW. My mind still reels at what, exactly, is it about the container that makes the difference, but the difference is defiantly there. So for a while we started picking up half a dozen, half gallon bottles once a week or so... but obviously when we left, we no longer had that option.

About a month or so ago, I stumbled upon Blue Marble Micro Dairy, who not only offered grass-fed milk in glass bottles but also... get this... home delivery.

Not only do I get my good milk... I don't have to lug heavy boxes any further than the distance from the front porch to the fridge. It's not cheap, but it's not prohibitively expensive either. We decided that, for the health benefits and the upgrade in flavor (it's freakin' AWESOME) the price difference was worth it.

The cool part is that Blue Marble (named after my favorite photo in the world and what I believe to be the most significant photo in the world) offers not only awesome milk but all sorts of of other locally produced artisanal products as well, all available for delivery (you may notice the block of cheese in with our milk).

So, last night before I went to bed, I put out our empty glass bottles in a milk crate tucked in our marine cooler. This morning when I woke up, I went outside and pulled it in. Viola! Our weekly supply is replenished! Sometime during the early morning, through the cold and biting wind, the Milkman came! How cool is that? I have a Milkman!

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DanaMc said...

Hey Pari,
Yep, that fresh taste of milk - I didn't understand it till I tasted it.

A refreshing clean flavor that I didn't know existed. Previously I thought whole milk tasted thick and skim tasted watery. But, whole milk can be a non-fatty medium mouth feel with a full-on milky flavor.

I was just telling my sis that when she is in town, I'm taking her to the local place for the most amazing milkshake. And, if you are ever in Chi-town, I'll take you and Beenie there there, too. ;)

It's milk-a-licious!